How To Set Switch Screen Function on KD100/Keydial Mini

The Switch option is unavailable on the KD100 and Keydial Mini driver. Thus, we have added an option to assign a keyboard combination for these devices.

This method applies to both Windows and Mac OS. The Windows driver version needs to be Driver_15.7.4.183 and above, while Mac needs to be Driver_15.6.4.100 and above. The following uses Windows as an example:

  1. Open the driver, click the "Settings" icon, then click the "General" tab.
  2. Set the hotkey for switching screens (such as Alt+P or other keys you prefer). Ensure that it is not the same as your other shortcut or hotkeys, so it does not conflict with your other shortcut or hotkeys.
  3. Set the same key combination as the hotkey for switching screens on one of the KD100 or Keydial Mini's buttons.
  4. At the bottom of the driver, select your other devices and customize them accordingly. If the KD100 or Keydial Mini (K20) is selected on the driver, the shortcut may not work. Thus, please ensure to select your other Huion devices, pen display or pen tablet.


  • Not all devices are compatible with Version 15 drivers. If you have a tablet with a 2048 pen pressure, this feature is not applicable. Kindly use our tablets with 8192 pen pressure levels.

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