How to Update Your Huion Tablet's Firmware(Mac)

A firmware update is sometimes released to improve the performance of our product.  

Please read this announcement before you proceed: When To Update or Not To Update Your Firmware

(NOTE: It is best to contact Huion Customer Support at before updating your tablet's firmware. Please provide your tablet's serial number and current firmware version by checking this support article: How To Know My Huion Pen Tablet/Display Firmware Version?)

Do you want to upgrade to the latest firmware? Are you not sure about the firmware version of your own tablet/display? Here is the fool-proof guide for you. This guide will help you understand how to check your Huion tablet's firmware version and update it properly. 

Step1. Download Firmware Update Tool 

Click the link and download the firmware update tool: Firmware Update Tool

Or go to our Huion official website > Support > Download Center and install this “Firmware Update Tool”(macOS Version).

Step2. Install the Firmware Tool

- Click and install HuionFirmwareForMacOS.dmg after downloading.

- Click “install now” after selecting the installation path.

- Click “installation completed” after the whole installation is complete.

Step3. Check the Device Connection 

Open the Firmware tool after the installation is successful. If the “No device detected” page is shown, please confirm that your device is properly connected.

PS: If your model excludes from the list of Model Supported, then your device can't be detected.

Step4. Get Firmware Update

Once the device is connected, the software will automatically identify the product model, its current firmware version, and check for available firmware updates.

  • If no updates are available, the software page will prompt “No updates available”.

  • If an update is available, the “Update” button will appear on the software page.

Step5. Update Firmware 

Click the "Update" button and follow the instructions on the page to complete the firmware update.

Note: Some models require you to press the express key to reconnect the device;

Once the device is properly reconnected, the software will automatically code in the latest firmware for your device.

(After the firmware is written, you need to re-plug the USB cable to use it)

Additional Note:

Some specific models (H430P, H640P, H950P, H1060P, H610Pro V2) will be compatible with Android devices when their firmware has been updated to the latest version.

(For any issues related to your tablet, please feel free to download and use the User Manual)

For a detailed introduction to the Android mode, please refer to Answers to FAQs about HS610/HS64 Phone Mode

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