How to Set the OSD (On-Screen Display) menu in Huion Kamvas Pro 13&16 (2.5K)?


You can set up your OSD in two methods:

A. On-Screen Method

You can open and adjust the pen touch OSD menu on the screen by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds.

1. Brightness Settings

You can adjust the following contents under the Brightness Adjustment Interface:

a. There are 3 default modes on the left side of the interface: the Standard, Game, and Movie modes. Because we've added the Color Gamut Quantum Dot Technology, you can adjust the saturation percentage in these three preset modes.

b. Similarly, you can switch to the User Mode and freely adjust the Brightness,  Contrast Ratio, and Saturation by adjusting the blue bar on the right side of the interface to achieve the interface color you want.

Note: You can only adjust the brightness under the sRGB and Adobe RGB modes. 

2. Color Temperature Settings

a. There are three standard color temperature options on the left side of the interface: 6500K, 7500K, and 9300K.

b. In addition, you can switch to User Mode and adjust the blue bar of the R(Red), G(Green), and B(Blue) on the right side of the interface for your preference.


1. You cannot adjust the level of R(Red), G(Green), and B(Blue) under the standard color temperature mode. 

2. You cannot adjust the color temperature interface under the sRGB and Adobe RGB modes.

3. Color Space Settings

You can switch to Native, sRGB, and Adobe RGB three-color spaces in the Color Space Adjustment interface.

  • Native: the native color gamut of the digital screen can reach 145% sRGB, which is more suitable for watching movies and game videos. 
  • sRGB: 99% sRGB is suitable for drawing and designing in professional tools and apps. 
  • Adobe RGB: 99% Adobe RGB is fit for photo editing and printing

4. Other Settings

In other setting interfaces, you can adjust the following features:

  • Three screen ratio selections: Full, 4:3, 16:9, or 16:10
  • Three signal sources type: TypeC, HDMI, and DP(DisplayPort)
    * Different cables are used to transmit the screen signal to your host computer.
  • Restore Default Settings
    * Click the Reset Button, then begin your restore settings.

B. OSD Setting in Huion Driver

In addition to the touch screen menu, you can also adjust the OSD settings in the driver.

1. Choose your pen display model that needs to be adjusted.

2.  Click the settings symbol in the upper right corner, then click the Display Settings button. 

2. Display Mode:

You can choose different scene modes: Standard, Game, Movie, and User (same with the touch screen settings). Under the User mode, you can adjust Brightness, Contrast Ratio, and Saturation.

3. Color Setting

  You can choose the different color modes: Color Temperature, Color Space.

  •   In Color Temperature, there are four options: 6500K, 7500K 9300K, and custom color.
  •   In Color Space, you can select either native sRGB and Adobe RGB. 
  •   Color Temperature Adjustment can now only be applied in Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) and Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K).
  •   Color Temperature and Color Space cannot be adjusted at the same time.

4. Default Setting

After clicking the Default Setting, it will reset the screen to the factory setting. 

Hope the above OSD setting method can help you adjust your pen display better. 

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