Which driver should I download to use Huion KD100(Mini Keydial)/K20(Keydial mini)?

The Huion KD100/K20 can work with tablets from Both Huion and other brands. You can use the default functions of KD100/K20 without driver. If you want to customize the functions of the dial controller and press keys, please download the driver from Huion Official Website. 

For Windows OS

If you are using Huion tablets, please download the driver compatible with HUION drawing tablet or monitor (V15 driver only).

You don't need to download the driver anymore if you already installed the other display or tablet driver(V15). Simple switch the devices by clicking the product name at the bottom of the driver interface.

If you are using tablets from other brands, please download the driver compatible with OTHER drawing tablet or monitor.

For Mac OS

No matter you are using Huion tablets or other brand tablets, you can download any version of the Mac OS driver.

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