OSD Settings is blank in the driver(Windows)

When you try to adjust OSD settings in the driver(Windows), you may encounter blank OSD settings, it means you can not adjust any parameters of OSD in the driver, like the following image showing.

Please kindly perform the steps below:

Step 1. Check whether the HDMI cable uses any adapter or extension cable. If so, please do not use the adapter or extension cable, and directly plug the HDMI cable into your computer/laptop.

Step 2. If step 1 cannot resolve the issue, please call out the OSD menu via shortcut keys on pen display, click "Reset" to reset the OSD menu, then uninstall the current driver and ensure to reinstall the latest driver.

Step 3. If step 2 cannot resolve the issue, please contact us through service@huion.com to get a special version of the driver. Please uninstall the original driver and reinstall the one you get it.

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