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Product Feature

What are the advantages of hardware color calibration for Kamvas Pro 27?
Every Kamvas Pro 27 undergoes hardware calibration with a 3D LUT before leaving the factory. Each machine is also provided with a calibration report. Unlike regular software calibration, hardware calibration writes data directly into the pen display, effectively increasing the retention time of accurate colors, eliminating the need for frequent calibrations, and reducing chromatic aberration to an average Delta E<1.5.
What is included in Kamvas Pro 27 color calibration report?

The calibration report includes the sRGB color space, Gamma curve, and the average Delta E value.

What color modes does Kamvas Pro 27 support?

Kamvas Pro 27 supports sRGB / Adobe RGB / DCI-P3 color modes.

What are the advantages and improvements of Canvas Glass?

The new Kamvas series pen displays are equipped with the 2nd gen Canvas Glass cover. Utilizing new nano etching technology, it provides excellent anti-glare effects and a paper-like texture, ensuring a smoother workflow for artists. Furthermore, it effectively addresses sparkle and grain issues by adjusting granularity, haze, and gloss values. As a result, color noise is significantly reduced, particularly against pure white backgrounds.

Does Huion Kamvas Pro 27 support touch input? 

Absolutely! Kamvas Pro 27 boasts a 10-point capacitive touch screen. This means you can use finger touch for various control and shortcut operations directly on the screen. 

Note: Touch input is currently compatible with Windows OS. macOS compatibility is in the works, so keep an eye out for updates.

What is Huion PenTech 4.0 Technology? 
Huion PenTech 4.0 means the 4th Generation Huion pen technology, which perfectly enhances pressure sensitivity to 16384 levels via digital signals transmitted by the independently developed HV200 chip. The pressure curve is more precise for even line drawings, supporting pressure from 2g initial activation force to maximum force.  Furthermore, PenTech 4.0 also comes with these advanced functions:

Tilt Auto-alignment: Ensuring the cursor stays precise and will not be offset while drawing lines at any angle.

Reduced Pen Head Size: Minimizing obstruction while drawing.

Extremely Low Retraction Distance: The retraction distance refers to the distance that the pen nib retracts to the inside when the pressure is applied from the minimum to the maximum. It now has been optimized to 0.4mm, eliminating nib wobbling during drawing.

Dual Pen Option: Kamvas Pro 19 and Kamvas Pro 27 come with 2 pens. PW600, featuring 3 side keys for better efficiency, and PW600S, with slim body for reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

Tail EraserPW600 and PW600S of PenTech 4.0 include a tail eraser, customizable for various functions.

 Key advanced functions from PenTech 3.0 remain:

Optional Pen NibsArtists can choose between regular and felt nibs (for better friction).

Tilt RecognitionYou can use tilt recognition in software that supports this function to imitate real strokes (such as pencils, brushes, etc.)

How many pens are included in Kamvas Pro 27 package?

Kamvas Pro 27 comes with two pens: One is the PW600, a regular pen with a grip diameter of about 11.8mm, featuring a dust-resistant silicone grip, 3 shortcut keys, and an eraser. The other is the PW600S (Slim), with a pencil-like grip diameter of about 9.5mm, equipped with 2 shortcut keys and an eraser.

Does Kamvas Pro 27 come with a stand in the package?

Kamvas Pro 27 includes a built-in 20° stand for convenient use. Additionally, the screen features a 100*100 VESA mount on the back. If you prefer alternative stands, here are our recommendations:

ST100 Adjustable Stand

ST500 Desktop Arm Stand

Will the fan noise of Kamvas Pro 27 be very loud?

Kamvas Pro 27 has no fan inside, so you don’t have to worry about noise issues.

What is the cable length for Kamvas Pro 27?

Here are the cable info:

USB-C to USB-C Full-featured Cable: 1.8m

USB-A to USB-C Data Cable: 1.8m

HDMI Cable: 1.8m

Power Adapter + Power Cable: 1.1m+1.5m

Setup & Use

Do I need to connect Huion Kamvas Pro 27 to a computer to make it work? 

Yes, Kamvas Pro 27 is a drawing display. It requires connection to a computer, laptop, or Android device to operate.

How do I connect Huion Kamvas Pro 27 to my PC/mac?

There are three methods to connect Kamvas Pro 27 to your PC/Mac:

1. Use the full-featured USB-C to USB-C cable and power cable.
2. Connect via HDMI cable, USB-A to USB-C data cable, and power cable.
3. Use a DP cable, USB-A to USB-C data cable, and power cable.
Does Kamvas Pro 27 support 220-240 voltage?


Can I use a USB-C to USB-C cable from other brands on Huion Kamvas Pro 27?

Yes, please ensure the full-featured USB-C to USB-C cable you purchased and the port of devices you want to connect at least support USB3.1 GEN1 data transfer protocol and DP1.2.

Can I use Huion Kamvas Pro 27 as a second monitor?

Yes, you can use Huion Kamvas Pro 27 as a second monitor by setting the Duplicate Mode or Extend Mode. Please refer to articles below for step-by-step guidance.

Windows Computer: How to Set the Duplicate Mode or Extend Mode on Windows While Using Huion Pen Display?

Mac Computer: How to Set the Mirror Mode or Extend Mode on MAC While Using Huion Pen Display?

Why isn't my Kamvas Pro 27 capable of displaying a 10-bit image?

To achieve a 10-bit display, you need to connect with a DP cable or a full-featured USB-C to a USB-C cable.

Will the surface of Kamvas Pro 27 wear out after a period of use? Should I apply for a film?

The screen of Kamvas Pro 27 is made of anti-glare etched Canvas Glass, which is harder than the standard nib and felt nib. So, the nib will not damage the surface of your Kamvas Pro 27, and you do not have to put another film on its surface.

How can I set up a resolution for my Kamvas Pro 27?

Please refer to this article to learn the step-by-step guide for adjusting screen resolution.

What are the button's functions in the screen's upper right corner?

The buttons in the screen's upper right corner are the slide and power buttons. Their functions are:

Slide Button: Turn the touch input on or off.

Power Button: Short press to turn the screen on or off, and long press for 3 seconds to call the OSD menu.

How can I set up OSD menu for my Kamvas Pro 27?

Please refer to this article to learn the step-by-step method for adjusting OSD menu.

How can I set the side keys on PW600 and PW600S separately?

The driver of Kamvas Pro 27 can auto-identify the pen you use on screen, and you can just set the functions you want in the driver. You can also manually choose the pen you want and set functions.

How do I turn touch input on or off?

To control the switch, you can find a slide button on the upper side of the screen, which is the touch input switch.

The multi-touch doesn’t work in Photoshop. How to fix it? 

Please follow the steps: click Edit - Preferences - Performance - check the Use Graphics Processor option (To enable multi-touch, please make sure to check the option). Check the attached image here.

How do I align the pen with the cursor?

Each pen display undergoes calibration before leaving the factory. We advise against manual cursor calibration. However, if needed, you can locate the "Monitor Calibration" button under the pen display - work area, in the driver settings. Click it and follow the steps to calibrate your screen.

Where can I find the replacement nibs in the package?

You can find the replacement nibs in the pen holder, and there are 5 standard nibs and 5 felt nibs for you to use. The pen nib clip is also built into the pen holder, you can use it to remove nibs.

What accessories are compatible with my Huion Kamvas Pro 27? 
  1. 3 Side Keys Standard Pen PW600
  2. Slim Pen PW600S
  3. Standard Nibs PN06
  4. Felt Nibs PN06F
  5. USB-C to USB-C Full-featured Cable
  6. Keyboard Holder KH01
  7. Desktop Arm Stand ST500
  8. Adjustable Stand ST100/ST100
  9. Palm Rejection Artist Glove
How to correctly clean the screen of Huion pen display?

Please refer to this article to learn the step-by-step guide for cleaning the screen.

Where can I find the latest driver for Huion Kamvas Pro 27?

You can download the latest driver and check the user manual on our official website.

Or, if you already installed the Huion driver, then you can check for updates in the settings. Also, you can download the firmware tool to update the latest firmware of your product here.

How to install the driver for Huion Kamvas Pro 27?

Please refer to the articles below for step-by-step guidance.

Windows OS: How to Install Huion Drivers on Windows

macOS: How to Install Huion Driver on macOS


Which models of pen nibs are compatible with PW600/PW600S?

The pen nibs PN06 (standard nib) and PN06F (felt nib) are compatible with PW600/PW600S and are interchangeable with the refills used in PW550/PW550S.

What operating systems do Huion Kamvas Pro 27 support?

The operating systems supported by Huion Kamvas Pro 27 include Windows 10 or later, macOS 10.12 or later, Android 6.0 or later, and Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS).

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