Important Knowledge about Anti-glare Glass

As you focus on your pen display to unleash your creativity, glare reflected on your screen turns out to be such a trouble as it not only influence the presentation but also cause fatigue to your eyes, which will have negative effects on your work efficiency.

Fortunately, Kamvas pen display series developed by Huion are produced with anti-glare (AG) glass, which will help you get rid of such troubles. Read below to learn more about how AG glass works.

What is AG(anti-glare) glass?

The frosted surface of AG glass will change the way glass reflects light, which is technically called diffusion.

Anti-glare glass can effectively reduce influences caused by environment lights, optimizing the viewing angle and brightness of the screen. As there is hardly any glare reflected on the screen, presentation of images and colors are further improved, which is quite favorable for designers or digital artists.  


Anti-glare glass applied to pen display needs to be manufactured with a higher standard as far as the surface texture is concerned. The number and shape of valleys and peaks on the glass surface measured for roughness should be put under rigorous control, so as to bring users lifelike drawing experience as is done on paper.

Express yourself freely on Huion pen display with anti-glare glass.

  • What is displayed on the screen remains clear no matter how the lights of the surroundings change.
  • Frosted surface brings a more paper-like texture.
  • Luminance gets milder so that fatigue caused to your eyes as you draw can be reduced.

AG Glass VS Ordinary Glass

AG GlassOrdinary Glass
reduce glare and reflectiondisplay in poor lights or with glares as the surroundings changes
paper-like surface texture brought by the frosted surfacesmooth surface
clear presentation and anti-fatigueeasily cause fatigue in eyes
anti-friction and anti-fingerprinteasily blurred with fingerprints

When you are drawing under a lamp or in a room with sufficient lights, every detail of the image displayed on the screen can be seen clearly, which enables you to create exquisite works. Moreover, the frosted surface of the screen also brings users the lifelike drawing experience.   

At times, glare occurs on the screen which indicates that lights around are too strong. In addition to the application of anti-glare glass, the glares can also be prevented by adjusting the brightness as well as the contrast of the screen.   

Currently, Huion pen displays with AG glass include Kamvas 22 Plus, Kamvas Pro 12, Kamvas Pro 13, Kamvas Pro 16, Kamvas Pro 20, Kamvas Pro 22, Kamvas 20 (2019), Kamvas 22 (2019), Kamvas GT-156HD V2, Kamvas GT-191 V2, and Kamvas GT-221 Pro. Please visit for more information about our products. 

Check if the pen display you are going to buy is combined with anti-glare glass before you buy one. There is no doubt that Huion pen display with AG glass will bring you more convenience and satisfactory user experience.

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