What are the advantages of QLED?

First of all, let's introduce Quantum Dot, which is extremely tiny semiconductor nanocrystals and invisible to the naked eye. It will emit very pure colored light when it is stimulated by light.

So Quantum Dot has higher brightness, wider color gamut, purer colors, and longer life in all dimensions, including color gamut coverage, color control accuracy, and red, green, and blue color purity.

Next, Let's talk about the QLED, which stands for Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes. The main principle is to place a thin layer of quantum dots into the backlight module of an LCD to obtain better backlight utilization and more display color gamut space.

To sum up, using Quantum Dot material as the backlight on pen display can innovatively achieve an up to 140% sRGB to 145% sRGB wide color gamut, and bring strong color reproduction, excellent color rendering and accurate color control to your pen display to meet the needs of professional artists.

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