Why the Color Space-related settings in OSD can't be adjusted in Kamvas Pro 19/27

1. Why can't I adjust the parameters when I select "sRGB/Adobe RGB/DCI-P3 mode" in OSD?

This is because the screen is calibrated according to the international standard color space of each mode before leaving the factory. The calibration is saved in the display driver board of the pen display, which includes the corresponding white point, gamma, and color gamut. Therefore, it is not possible to adjust some of the corresponding color parameters in these three modes. The only adjustment that can be made is to the brightness.

2. How can I use a third-party colorimeter to calibrate my screen?

If you would like to use a third-party colorimeter to calibrate your screen, you can select the "Native" mode in the OSD menu. This mode does not have any limitations on the color space of your pen display. You can adjust the color temperature, brightness, etc., and then set up the configurations you need. Once you have set your desired configuration, you can use third-party tools to calibrate the software color.

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