How To Calibrate Your Pen Display?

The industry standard for pen displays is between ±0.5 mm in the middle area and ±1~3 mm towards the edges. 

If your pen tip is too far from your mouse cursor, here are the steps to fix it:

  1. Calibrate your pen display by opening your tablet driver > Pen Display >Working Area >Monitor Calibration.

  2. You have 2 options to calibrate your display:
    1. Manually calibrate your tablet by tapping the red dots using your pen.
    2. Restore to the default calibration. Use your mouse or trackpad when you click the "Restore Default" button.

  3. If both steps above do not fix your calibration issue, please check your display settings by following the applicable article below:
  4. Refer to this article on How to Set Your Tablet Display Work Area.
  5. If the calibration issue only happens in your drawing software, please refer to your drawing software's settings and adjust accordingly.

If all steps above fail, please contact us at for further tablet assessment.

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