Digital Pen Troubleshooting

If you've met some issues when using the digital pens, PW550 and PW550S, please refer to the troubleshooting here.

The pen computer cannot sense the pen pressure while the cursor can move.

1. If the driver is damaged or incorrectly installed, please uninstall the driver and reinstall. 

2. Try to restart your computer. 

The digital pen does not work.

1. Make sure you are using the pen that originally came with the pen computer.

2. Make sure you installed the driver correctly.

The press key does not work.

1. Check whether the press key function in the driver is enabled. 

2. Check whether the function of the press key is set correctly. 

The computer cannot enter sleep mode.

Please do not place the digital pen on the working area of the pen computer when you are not using it, otherwise, your computer will not be able to enter sleep mode.

The press key of the digital pen does not work.
The press keys of the digital pen will not work when the vertical distance between the pen nib and the working area or the surface of the working area of the pen computer is over 10mm.
The cursor has an error.
Recalibrate the cursor.

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