Pen Computers Troubleshooting

If you have met some troubles when using Kamvas Studio 16 or Kamvas Studio 24, please refer to the pen computers troubleshooting below:

The power indicator light does not work.

1. Check whether the power supply has been connected.

2. Check the socket and the power cord.

3. Check whether the adaptor switch has been switched on. 

There is no picture on the screen.

1. Check whether the power has been turned on.

2. Check whether the adaptor's indicator light is on. The indicator light, which is not on represents that there is no signal. In this case, please restart the computer or reconnect.

3. If the signal is interrupted or unstable, please check the signal source.

The pen touch does not respond.

1. Check whether the driver has been successfully installed. Try to reinstall the driver and restart.

2. Check whether the digital pen nib is set as "enabled". If not, please reset it as "enabled".

 It takes too long for the pen touch to respond.

1. The CPU is occupied by programs, or too many processes are running. Try to close applications that are not used temporarily.

2. There is debris on the screen, which affects the operation. Try to clean the screen of the pen computer.

Color deviationAs color temperature varies for different areas, tiny color deviation is a normal phenomenon.
Image dithering or rippleCheck whether there is any electronic device nearby that interferes with the pen computer.
Image blurPlease set the screen resolution to the default setting.

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