How to make the text bigger on your 4K pen display

When you connect our 4K Pen Display (Kamvas Pro 16 4K/Kamvas Pro 16 (PLUS) 4K/Kmavas Pro 24 4K) to your PC/laptop with a Full HD resolution for the first time, you may find the texts on the pen display are much smaller than the texts on your PC/laptop. This is because our pen display (3840 x 2160) has a different resolution from your PC/laptop (1920 x 1080). The steps below will help you adjust your resolution.

For Windows

1. Right-click on the desktop and go to "Display settings."

2. Make sure you are choosing your pen display

3. Go to "Scale" and choose 150% or above

4. Go to "Display resolution" and choose 3840*2160 (Recommended)

For Mac

1. Open "System Preferences" and find "Display."

2. Click "Display Settings"


① Choose "Huion Pen Display"

② Click "Scaled"

③ Choose the Text icon according to your preferred text size

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