How do I connect the Huion Kamvas Pro 16 (4K)/Kamvas Pro 16 Plus (4K) to my phone?

The Huion Kamvas Pro 16 (4K)/Kamvas Pro 16 Plus (4K) can be connected to an Android phone or tablet via a full-featured USB-C to USB-C cable. 

In order to realize the full-screen display, you need to turn on the Desktop Mode of Huawei phones and Dex Mode of Samsung phones. Not all Android devices support full-screen mode on the display. You can refer to the below list of compatible Android devices.

Connect via the USB-C to USB-C Cable

  1. Connect the pen display to your phone with the USB-C to USB-C cable via port②.
  2. Use the USB power cable to power up the device via port①.
  3. Turn on Kamvas Pro 16 (4K)/Kamvas Pro 16 Plus (4K). The phone screen will be mirrored to Kamvas Pro 16 (4K)/Kamvas Pro 16 Plus (4K).
  4. Activate the Samsung DeX / EMUI Desktop mode via the phone settings.
A 4K pen display consumes much more power than the USB-C to USB-C cable can supply, and thus extra power should be provided.

Compatible Android Devices

HuaweiP20/P20 Pro/P20 RS

The phone models listed support full-screen display on Kamvas Pro 16 (4K) and Kamvas Pro 16 Plus (4K).  

P30/P30 Pro
P40/P40 Pro/P40 Pro Plus
Mate 10/Mate10 Pro
Mate 20/Mate20 Pro/Mate20 X
Mate 30/Mate30 Pro/Mate 30 RS/Mate 30E Pro
Mate 40/Mate40 Pro/Mate 40 Pro+/Mate 40 RS
Mate X/Mate X2
SamsungGalaxy Note 8
Galaxy Note 9
Galaxy Note 10/10+/10+ 5G
Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra 5G
Galaxy S8/S8+
Galaxy S9/S9+
Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e
Galaxy S20 5G/S20+ 5G/S20 Ultra 5G
Galaxy S21 5G/S21+ 5G/S21 Ultra 5G
Galaxy Z Fold/Galaxy Z Fold 2
Galaxy A90 5G
Galaxy Tab S4
Galaxy Tab S5e
Galaxy Tab S6
Galaxy Tab S7/S7+

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