Hovering Issue with Huion Digital Pen

Does your pen draw lines, drag, or click on items when you hover over your tablet's working area? This issue is what we call the digital pen hovering issue. In this article, we will introduce the 4 most common pen-hovering situations and their corresponding solutions. 


The most commonly seen pen-hovering situations are listed below:

  1. Hover clicking: the pen is clicking while hovering over the surface of the device;
  2. Hover drawing: even when the pen is not making physical contact with the tablet, the pen will still draw very faint lines;
  3. Hover dragging: you can drag files when hovering the pen over the surface of the device;
  4. Hover-dragging


If you encounter any of the issues mentioned above, please refer to the solutions below: 

  1. Please replace the pen nib and insert it firmly. Clouds of dust inside your pen tip can also cause the pen hover issue.
  2. Please ensure no unnecessary electronic devices, such as gaming peripherals, speakers, etc., are near your tablet. If there are, please put them away and see if it helps. Since our pen technology uses electromagnetic resonance, electromagnetic interference from these devices may also cause pen hover issues.
  3. Uninstall the driver, and try the tablet (without a driver being installed) to see if the problem persists. This step can help us determine if the driver causes this problem. (NOTE: Please skip this step if you use MacOS Catalina or later since a tablet driver is necessary for these MacOS versions.)
  4. If you have dropped the pen accidentally, we are sorry. Sadly, our warranty does not cover this kind of damage caused by human error. We suggest you purchase a new pen from our official store or on Amazon.
  5. If you bought a new pen, check if it is the correct pen model. A pen model that is incompatible with your tablet can also cause this issue. If you need help with finding the right pen for your tablet, please take a look at the instructions below.


If the problem persists after trying all the methods mentioned above, please provide the following information to service@huion.com so that we can help you further:

  1. Tablet serial number (from the back of the unit, which starts with S/N)
  2. Order number of your tablet
  3. Link where you bought the tablet (if it was not from our official online store)
  4. Order number of the pen (if you bought a new pen)
  5. Pen's serial number (on the box, which starts with S/N)
  6. A video showing the problem clearly (upload it to cloud storage such as Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, or Google Drive, remove the restrictions, and share the link with us).

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