What to do if Keydial Mini (K20) can't connect to the Windows computer via Bluetooth

When you connect your Keydial mini to your Windows computer via Bluetooth, you may encounter an issue where it fails to connect. You can go through the following steps to sort it out.

Step 1: Make sure the Bluetooth version of your computer is Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

Step 2: In some devices, you may need to go to your device's Advanced Settings and enable additional devices.

Step 3: Update the Bluetooth firmware through your phone (Android/iOS)

①Go to your phone's App Store, download the Huion Keydial app, and check if it is the latest version. If not, please update it.

②Connect your Keydial Mini to your phone via Bluetooth. Please open the Huion Keydial app (if you closed it previously). A message will pop up asking you to update the Bluetooth firmware. Please click on "update immediately".

Step 3: Update the wired firmware using your Windows computer

Connect your Keydial mini to your Windows computer using the cable. Please refer to the article below:

How to Update Your Huion Tablet's Firmware(Windows)

Step 4: After completing both updates, the Keydial mini can be connected to your Windows computer via Bluetooth.

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