What are the accessories that come with Kamvas Studio 16/24 pen computers?

When you purchase either the Kamvas Studio 16/24 pen computer, you'll receive a variety of accessories to help you get started. 

Kamvas Studio 16 package includes a slim digital pen (the PW550S), which is perfect for long drawing and writing sessions. You'll also get a USB-PD power adapter (65W), a USB-C cable, a pen case (designed specifically for the PW550S), 3 felt pen nibs (for a better-textured writing experience), 3 standard pen nibs, a foldable stand, a cleaning cloth, a quick start guide, and an anti-touch glove.

As for the Kamvas Studio 24, you'll receive dual pens (including both PW550 and PW550S), a power adapter, an AC cable, a regular pen holder, 5 standard pen nibs, 5 felt pen nibs, an adjustable stand, an anti-touch glove, a cleaning cloth, and a quick start guide.

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