Huion Kamvas Studio 16 & 24 FAQs


Product Features

What is the function of the Power Button on Kamvas Studio 24?
The Power Button of Kamvas Studio 24 is specially designed as a five-directional switch. Using different operations will access the corresponding functions. To get to know the specific operating instructions, please refer to the form here.
Can I play games on Kamvas Studio 24?
Yes, the operating system is based on Windows, so you can play Windows games on Kamvas Studio 24.
Can I use Kamvas Studio 16/24 as a pen display so that it can be connected to my PC?
Sorry, the Kamvas Studio 16/24 literally are PCs, so they cannot be connected to a PC.
Is Kamvas Studio 24 compatible with an external GPU?
Yes, but currently, it only supports an external graphics processor with Thunderbolt 3.
Can I expand the storage capacity and RAM of Kamvas Studio 16?
No, we do not recommend removing the device and changing the RAM.
Does Kamvas Studio 16 have active cooling or passive?
It has active cooling.
What is the finger touch of Kamvas Studio 16/24?
The capacitive touch can greatly improve your design and creation efficiency in cooperation with a digital pen. Touch gestures in Windows are supported for both Kamvas Studio 16 and 24. And other functions depend on whether the specific software supports them. Please refer to the instructions here to quickly access general functions by finger touch.
What are the accessories that come with Kamvas Studio 16/24 pen computers?
When you purchase either the Kamvas Studio 16 or 24 pen computer, you'll receive a variety of accessories to help you get started. Please refer to the article to get to know more information. 
What are the types of ports on Kamvas Studio 16/24?
Kamvas Studio 24 is designed with professional studios in mind, so it comes equipped with various ports to make it easy to use in a professional setting. It has HDMI, DP, Ethernet/LAN, USB 2.0 x 2, USB 3.0 x 4, power input, and 3.5mm audio jacks. On the other hand, Kamvas Studio 16 is more focused on portability, so it has streamlined the ports. It features two full-featured USB-C ports and a 3.5mm audio jack.
Can I put Kamvas Studio 16 in my backpack?  
We don’t know exactly what the dimension of your backpack is. But there is a new sleeve bag that is compatible with Kamvas Studio 16 on our official online store. Click the link here to learn more about it.

Setup & Use

The multi-touch doesn’t work in Photoshop. How to fix it? 
Please follow the steps: click Edit - Preferences - Performance - check the Use Graphics Processor option (To enable multi-touch, please make sure to check the option). Check the attached image here.
The finger touch doesn’t work when my pen stylus keeps away from the display. 
Please go to Settings - Bluetooth & devices - Pen & Windows Ink - uncheck Ignore touch input when I’m using my pen option. Check the attached photo here.
It is easy to make an accidental touch when drawing on the display. What can I do?
We have applied anti-touch algorithm processing to the touch screen; however, due to different drawing habits and long-time drawing sessions, there will inevitably be accidental touch. As a result, we recommend that you: 1)Put on the anti-touch glove that comes with the package to help prevent accidental touch. 2) Draw in full-screen mode, and keep the toolbar away from your hand to avoid accidental touch. 3) Uncheck the Enable touch input option. See attached picture here.
Why are the cursors of touch and pen offset when Kamvas Studio 16 is connected to an external monitor or projector with a resolution other than 16:9? 
The touch and pen cursor need to be calibrated separately in the System, the steps are as follows: Control Panel - Tablet PC Settings - Calibrate, and then follow the prompt steps to set up. See the attached picture here.
My Kamvas Studio pen computer is overheating. Does this matter?
In order to take into entertainment demands, the maximum brightness of Kamvas Studio 16 reached 400nits. In that case, the temperature rise is normal, and please feel free to use it. If you are going to draw or paint, it is recommended to adjust the brightness to about 30-35%, so it can effectively reduce the heat and prolong the battery life. Moreover, it will protect your eyes. To know how to adjust the brightness, please check the picture here.
The texts on display are too small to read. How to fix it?
Due to the QHD resolution and 100% scale setting, the pen computer displays text and icons very small. It’s recommended to change the size of texts at 150%-200%. Go to System - Display - Scale & layout - Scale - choose 150%. To learn how to change the settings, please see the attached picture.
The cursor doesn’t call out the touch keyboard in the location of text input.
Please follow the steps below to set up: Settings - Time & Language - Typing - Touch Keyboard - check Show the touch keyboard when theres no keyboard attached option. Check the picture here.
How to set the function of the Power button on Kamvas Studio 24?
1. Open the Control Panel > Hardware and Sound.
2. Power Options > Change what the power buttons do. 
3. Click the drop-down box behind the option "When I press the power button" to select the function you want to set for the power button. 

You can also follow the pictures here to set the Power button.

How to use the ST200 stand that comes with Kamvas Studio 16? 
This stand is adjustable, so you can find the perfect angle for your painting and creating needs. Simply adjust the stand until you find a comfortable angle that works for you. Please refer to the attached picture.
How can I adjust the working area of my Kamvas Studio pen computer?
To do this, you can turn on the driver software that comes with your device. There are three modes to choose from: Full Area, Screen Ratio, and Custom Area. Please refer to the article here.
How do you add programs in the driver? 
1. After clicking Add a Program on the screen, certain previously launched programs will appear for you to select from. For more programs, go to Browser and select the one you wish to add.
2. The press keys, working area, and pressure curve can be customized for each program. When switching from one application to another, the driver will automatically switch to the predefined functions accordingly.
3. When you pick "All programs," the functions of the press keys you configure apply to all programs. You can set the functionalities for a specific program and so have different settings for different applications by clicking Add a Program from the drop-down list. When you open a specific software, the Driver will automatically recognize it and the settings will alter to match. (See attached image)
What is the Pen Nib Activity in the driver?
The pen nib of the digital pen can be set as Valid/Invalid according to users’ needs (check the picture here). Click the drop-down button to set its activity. In Valid mode, the pen works well, and in Invalid mode, the pen has a cursor movement, but cannot complete specified actions.

And before using, please enable Windows ink in the driver. Microsoft Windows provides extensive support for pen input. Pen features are supported in Microsoft Office, Windows Whiteboard, Adobe Photoshop CC, SketchBook 6 and so on.

How do we adjust the pressure sensitivity? 
(1)Determine the amount of force required for a pen to produce a click or pressure sensation.

(2)The slope of the pressure response curve can be changed. 

(3)Determine how much pressure is required on the pen nib to get the highest level of pressure sensitivity.

*Draw lines in the Pressure Test box with the pen, and the pressure changes on the pen nib will be displayed in the bar on the right. Click the “Delete” button above to remove the lines, reset the pressure sensitivity level and test it until you find the appropriate pressure sensitivity level (see the picture here).

*A steep curve means a more sensitive response.

How to use the digital pen?
Hold the Pen: Hold the digital pen in the same way you would a physical pen. Adjust your grip so that your thumb or index finger can easily toggle the pen press keys. Take care not to press the key by accident when drawing with the pen.

Note: When not in use, please place the digital pen on the table or the pen holder. If you place the pen on the pen computer, it may interfere with the operation of the mouse and other devices, as well as prevent your computer from entering sleep mode.

Cursor Movement: Move the pen slightly above the pen computer's working area without contacting the pen computer's surface, and the cursor on the screen will move to the new location accordingly.

Click: Tap on the working area of the pen computer with the pen to register a click. Double-click to open an item that has been highlighted or selected by pressing lightly on the screen.

Move: Pick up a file or icon, then drag the pen nib across the screen to move it.

Use the Pen Press Keys: The digital pen has two press keys, which can be programmed to perform various functions in the driver. The pen press keys will function as long as the vertical space between the pen nib and the pen computer is less than 10mm. 

What’s the difference between Huion PenTech 3.0 and PenTech 3.0+? 
1. Pressure Sensitivity
The first major improvement is that the pens, which are powered by Huion PenTech 3.0+, will respond with more linear pressure sensitivity. Generally speaking, what you get when you draw are fairly regular and smooth strokes and curves, the same as a real pen. So you can fully throw yourself into drawing and creating.
2. Silicone Grip
Another revolution of PW550 is the silicone grip. Some users have complained that the digital pen PW517, powered by PenTech 3.0, can be easily stained with dust. For this reason, we modified PW550 and PW550S via ultraviolet radiation to improve their dust-repellent properties and keep the grips cleaner.
3. Pen Nib
Compared with previous Huion digital pens, such as PW517, PW550 features a smaller pen head. Consequently, users will be able to see more clearly without the pen's tip obstructing their view and will have a more accurate cursor to judge where to drop their brush down when drawing.
How do I replace the pen nib?
If the pen nib is badly worn, please replace it with a new pen nib as soon as possible. Please refer to the image here.

1. Turn the pen holder counterclockwise to remove the replacement nib.

2. Tilt the pen and pull the nib out through the nib clip.

3. Insert the replacement nib directly into the pen's barrel until the nib stops moving forward.


 I have some issues with the pen computer. What should I do? 
Please refer to the pen computer troubleshooting here.
I have some issues with the digital pen. What should I do?
Please refer to the digital pen troubleshooting here.

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